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Check out my documentary Tulane University and the Tumultuous Sixties.
This documentary premiered on the Tulane campus on Friday, May 19, 2017 and DVD's are now available.

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  Ron Scott is a professional photographer based in Houston, Texas for over four decades. Ron specializes in using his unique vision to create images with impact and imagination and is a pioneer in using digital techniques to create and enhance his imagery.
  "I have always believed that photography is a marriage of art and science, so when the opportunity came to jump into digital image making, I dove in head first. They say you can always tell the pioneers by the arrows in their backs. Shall I turn around?
  "In the early eighties I began using the computer to create images, but soon found that the hardware was advancing faster than the software. So I developed my own tools for electronic image creation. This not only has given me a deeper appreciation of the art of digital image making but it has empowered me with such skills that I now know nothing is impossible in the realm of digital magic.
  "Many photographers have joined the digital revolution, but few have the combined skills of both a keen eye and a mastery of the computer. I have been making images for nearly a half century and using digital techniques in that endeavor for more than two decades. I have at my fingertips every tool imaginable for making striking, compelling imagery and the experience to know just which ones to use. And, if the right tool is not there, I can create it."
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    Ron Scott, Photographer
Houston, TX